LGBT Community Wedding

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Cindy and Valerie’s wedding

As a DJ I have the privilege of participating in the public declaration of love between two people, the legal and binding institution of marriage that says” I choose YOU, forever, and under all circumstances” Last week I had the honor of being part of my first legal same sex wedding, Cindy & Valerie.* Cindy had proposed four years ago and had to wait for the Supreme Court to say it was okay to legally make Valerie her wife. There was so much emotion during the ceremony, the testament of their love even brought tears to my eyes!

I am committed to being a contribution to the LGBT community, and am grateful for this opportunity to be in partnership with gay couples legally celebrating their union.

I’m so proud to be involved in this moment in history, and that I get to play some small part in it, and I look forward to seeing more and more legal gay weddings, and having many more states stand in equality in marriage.

* Thank You DJ Party Pros for hiring me for this special wedding.

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