DJ Bijoux at the Greek Theatre for Regeneration Tour 2013

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Friday night found DJ Bijoux at my 2nd Retro Concert of the Summer: The Regeneration Tour 2013! Men Without Hats, Information Society, Howard Jones, and Andy Bell of Erasure.  Men Without Hats were surprisingly good. . . I had in my head that they were in the “ one hit wonder” category, but recognized a few others I had forgotten about, and they put on a good show. Information Society was next, and they brought that famous techno beat they are known for- they also sampled Prodigy and Kraftwerk, which made yours truly very happy. I must add that it was an unusually hot night at the Greek. Wowza! Everyone was a hot, sweaty 80’s mess, but we didn’t care! Plus, I had in my concert emergency kit, a little hand held battery operated fan that I carry with me (a concert/music festival essential!) So, that helped. a little.

Then on to my old time favorite Howard Jones, or HoJo as I call him. He sounded SO great, and I forgot how prolific his lyrics are- I bought a T-shirt that has a keyboard on it and says “ throw off your mental chains” from New Song-
Some of you may not know this story, but when I worked in my Dad’s record store The Happy Note, I had 3 albums that I WORE OUT in 1984/1985 Howard Jones;Human’s Lib/ The The; Soul Mining, and Nik Kershaw; Human Racing. My Dad, being the generous guy that he was would say, “ These are great albums, but can we listen to something else??” lol You knew when I was working, though, because you would hear one or all of those albums! out this video of Pearl In the Shell from HoJo, that is part of his New radio series from Howard Jones on Absolute 80s premieres Sunday 1st September at 6pm GMT. Listen online and sign up for free mp3 downloads –

Finally, Andy Bell from Erasure took the stage- Erasure is definitely up there in my fave 80’s bands list-and I must say Andy  was looking fabulous in his 5 inch red stiletto boots and shiny disco pants!  And he sounded as fabulous as he looked!

I saw Erasure for the first time in 1988 in London- I went to college in London for a semester , and the day we arrived we checked into the dorms at Regents college, took a double-decker bus tour with our whole group, then 3 of us took off for a free concert in the park, and the headliners were Erasure, and I want to say Siousxie and the Banshees???  For FREE! We couldn’t believe it either!   We figured out how to get there on the tube, and when we got there we meet this local guy named David Ross ( nicknamed “Diana”) who could tell we were American because we “ had nice teeth”. David/Diana became our club tour guide for the 2 months we were there, but I digress-

The 80’s flashback continues for DJ Bijoux, with PSB (Pet Shop Boys) on Oct 12 at Shriners Auditorium, and most likely DM at Staples (I didn’t buy tickets, because I don’t like seeing shows at Staples, unless I can be up front, and I would have to mortgage the house to do that!) Anyone who has Depeche Mode ticket hook up, message me :-)  And regretfully I will be in San Fran on Sept 21st, so I cannot attend Flashback Jack By Jack FM, with Adam Ant and Blondie, The Fixx, Berlin, Sugarhill Gang and the Psychadelic Furs! But YOU can go and tell me how it was! Tickets still available- No I’m not an affifliate, and don’t get a kick-back or a toaster if you go. . . I just want fellow 80’s aficionados to know about these things BEFORE they happen, so you aren’t kicking yourself afterwards!

If you are planning an 80’s party, or celebrating your birthday, and you were a child of the 80’s- Let DJ Bijoux be your ” music time traveler” create the soundtrack for your 80’s Flashback- mention the secret message “ Throw off your mental chains” ( New Song/HoJo) for a 10% regeneration tour discount! 

Peace, Blessings, and Abun-DANCE,


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