Let the Music Play!

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My collection spans roughly 80 years of music. I have a wall of vinyl (converted to MP3). Very few music collections rival mine, and I have a knowledge of music to go with it. I can make everyone happy from your great Uncle Joe, to your teen-angst nephew. Simply said, I love music and I love people – so I am in a career where I can play music, for people, and we all have a heck of a good time!  Let’s play!

Weddings. Events. Openings. Parties. Clubs
Julie Oshins
DJ Bijoux
“I have hired Dj Bijoux several times to provide music for events I’ve put on. She’s so professional and talented that once I’ve booked her, I barely even think about the music anymore. I know she’s got it covered and my guests will have a good time”
- Chris Hain, The Mark Company

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