Electric Daisy Carnival 2008!

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“Holy shit!” is really the best description of the Electric Daisy Carnival ( lovingly known as EDC to the cult following who have been for the past 12 years), if you have never experienced the 50,000+ people, 12 hours of hard hitting beats, and RIDES!!

Let me paint a picture for you: You walk into the LA Sports Coliseum, hit the top step, and look out upon a field full of roughly 25,000 dancing, gyrating people co-mingled with a stage ( featuring such fab Dj’s as Moby, Benny Banassi, and PVD) and rides like the G-force and Tilt-a-Whirl. Then shift your gaze up the steps of the coliseum, and there are MORE people getting their groove on. Up top is the VIP section where you can view the scenario and get some space (VIP tickets were reasonable, and free alcohol with VIP pass). They also has some swanky cabana type structures sprinkled among the steps, which seemd like the ultra fabulous way to party here. Noteable: the VIP bathrooms flooded and were restricted to 2 stalls, but there are Coliseum bathrooms, not portapotties next to the cosmicmeadow stage. For next year. You’re welcome! Also notable is that I was there for almost 2 hours and at the other 5 stages, before I even stepped foot into the Coliseum itself.

The two ½ hours it took to get there and park( mapquest said 20 minutes, what do they know??) was totally worth it to see my 2 baby daddies( they just don’t know it yet) bt and Mark Farina. I was able to get right up against the stage, front and center, for both of these significant men in my life- which says a lot about the crowd! I’m 5’4 and rarely attempt such things in large crowds because I am at elbow and armpit level most of the time, basically- just too damn short for this sh*t! I kept calling friends who weren’t there on my cell phone, yelling “ Are you HEARING this????” So, as usual, bt and Fabulous Farina did not dissapoint! The beats were fierce!

The crowd cracked me up- youngsters in day-glo, bikinis and furry boots, chewing on their pacifiers like no tomorrow! I was pretty darn sober (fueled only by my favorite healthy energy drink FRS) and a few complimentary VIP beers, but I swear I caught a contact buzz- the MUSIC made me high- Where else can you see Dj Heather, Todd Terry, Rabbit in the Moon, Z-trip, Fred Everything, Andy Caldwell, Krafty Kuts, and Armand Van Helden (just to name the few that I grooved to) all at one location!?!

To sum it up- Fab.u.lous! IN-SANE! And off the HOOK! However you need to make it work next year to be there. Do it. Go! Just arrive early to avoid parking lines, and look for me up front- I’m the little chick screaming and blowing bubbles! Wahooooooooooo!


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